Monday, December 1, 2008

Three Jobs

Regular readers of this blog (actually I suspect the only one may be my wife!) will have noticed that the last few sermons posted here were written for Our Savior Lutheran Church of Norwood Park, Chicago, IL. Their previous pastor resigned, and they got in touch with an area pastor who knew I was looking for a Call. Which means that Tina and I have been driving down to Chicago every weekend, staying in a hotel (which the Church pays for), preaching and teaching Bible Class for this congregation. The situation might possibly lead to a full-time call for me (at which point I'll probably have to rename this blog), but that decision will have to wait a bit while the congregation recovers from the sudden loss of their former pastor.

However, before I ever knew that Our Savior was in need of a vacancy pastor, my pastor at Lamb of God, Sean Smallwood, came up with the idea of extending part-time calls as assistant pastors to both myself and Pr. Grenyo, because both of us have, in fact, been assisting with the Divine Service and filling in for Pr. Smallwood when he's gone, and since that would get both of us out from under the stigma of being on CRM status. Since Lamb of God has a 5pm service on Sundays, I can still help out with that and with catechesis (6:15pm Sundays) after returning from Chicago. Lamb of God recently voted unanimously to extend both myself and Pr. Grenyo those Calls.

The weird thing is, I pretty much have to take the Call to Lamb of God in order to continue serving as vacancy Pastor at Our Savior. Guys on candidate status are supposed to fill out a form requesting renewal of their candidate status every year, and because I've known for some time that Lamb of God was planning on Calling me I didn't fill out the form this year. Which means that to stay on the clergy roster (and thus be eligible to continue serving the vacancy at Our Savior) I have no choice at this point but to accept the Call to Lamb of God. God always knows what's best for us, but I'm also convinced that He has a bit of a weird sense of humor in how he brings things about, too.

Neither of these pastoral positions, however, is enough to put food on the table. Lamb of God will be paying $1 per month plus $100 per service that I preside at, and Our Savior's is paying $100 per service plus mileage and hotel reimbursement. And so, I still need my job at Wal-Mart in Antioch, IL, where I work in the meat department 4 days a week. Which means that I will soon have three jobs. I know God will give me the strength to do and keep track of all this, but right now it all looks just a tad busy and confusing to me. But it also looks like a possible route back into the full-time ministry, so I'm pretty optimistic about the whole thing. God is good, even if He does have a weird sense of humor.


  1. Well, congratulations! Let's hope this IS the road back.

    And let's hope I remember to file my paperwork.

  2. Just don't preach from a ribeye or run your Concordia through the meat saw.

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