Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three Jobs, again.

Well, I haven't posted here for a while, and the Lutheran Aardvark reminded me I probably should lest I lose my BBOV status. Here's what's going on:

I'm still working for Walmart*, but I've transferred to the Kenosha location to save gas.

I'm still serving as a called assistant Pastor at Lamb of God in Pleasant Prairie, although I'm not there all that often for reasons outlined below.

I'm also serving as the vacancy Pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Elmwood Park, WI. For those who don't know, Elmwood Park is a small neighborhood just south of Racine and just north of the Kenosha County line. They are literally only five minutes away from the Castle Court apartments where Tina and I live. The congregation is caught in a bit of an unusual situation, and I was asked to help out.

Basically, a few years ago, their pastor retired, and the local Hispanic ministry congregation, Primera Iglesia, asked if they could share the building, and their pastor, Pedro Lopez, would also serve the Anglo congregation, since Holy Cross was no longer in a financial situation to be able to pay their pastor full-time. He then took a call, and for a couple of years they were served by a man in the Specific Ministry Pastor program who was recalled last year to his home district (N. Illinois). Currently, Primera Iglesia (which is in the process of renaming itself Santa Cruz, which means "Holy Cross" in Spanish) is being served by a fine confessional pastor from Venezuela by the name of Germann Novilli. Unfortunately, Pr. Novelli is not fluent in English, and he believes strongly (as do I) that both congregations need a preacher who is fluent in their own language. That's where I come in.

Unfortunately, Holy Cross is still not in a financial position to pay a full-time pastor, so I'm still working at Walmart*. Fortunately, they don't have very many shut-ins, so I can visit them on one of my days off and still have the other day off for rest, housework, etc. I do have to rely on other area pastors for emergency situations that come up. It's kind of a weird, unsettled situation, but I am happy to be serving a congregation again.

The congregation is currently on the three-year series, so the sermons posted here won't be on the same texts as previously. I hope to resume use of the one-year series in the future, but since Holy Cross and Santa Cruz do work together to some extent I'd like to talk to Pr. Novelli about it first (currently he's in Venezuela for a few weeks teaching at the Seminary there).

So, that's what's going on at the Wartburg Castle Court. Hopefully I'll remember to begin posting my sermons again. This morning's sermon is posted here for your viewing pleasure (even though it's a re-run).

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